Great Britain flag icon  The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

 John le Carre

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John le Carre had worked in British Intelligence before he started writing books. Thanks to such an unusual profession, the writer has gained a very interesting experience. John witnessed real espionage operations. The author generously shares these stories in his books. In the center of this dark plot is Alec Leamas. Everything takes place in the sixties. Recently Alec has lost his last agent in Germany. The head of the local intelligence is behind this murder. The authorities offer Alec the last task - to avenge his people personally. After this, he will be able to retire and have a well-deserved rest. So Alec goes on a mission that can cost him his life. But this is the only chance for the old agent to revenge and start a quiet life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1598 Total words: 24410

Hard words: pretending, sounded, pushed, betraying, hurrying, wondering, parents, discussed, answered, grey, understandingly, untied, moved, passed, staying, cleaned, carried, discovered, worked, chasing, pretended, cheque, sobbing, believing, crossly, staring, picked, lit, kept, shouted