Great Britain flag icon  The Stepmother

 Anne Ranasinghe

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The main heroes of this story are the boy Lakshman and his stepmother. As it is said at the beginning, the conflict is built on the traditional image of the evil stepmother. At least, this is how Lakshman views his father's new wife. Things have been going differently, since the stepmother appeared in their house. The boy does everything to provoke his stepmother. Once she decides to buy new shoes for Lakshman. The boy protests, although he really needs ones. He just does not want to be seen together with his new mother by his friends. If he doesn't go, there will be no shoes - this is the verdict of the stepmother. Lakshman breaks an expensive almirah to take revenge. It was the wedding gift of the newlyweds. But what will be his punishment? And will they be able to find a compromise if the most expensive, what the boy has - his savings for a bicycle - are put at stake?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 576 Total words: 2034

Hard words: squatting, nastily, alsatian, jewellery, narrowed, spitting, sharpness, hateful, lying, workman, stepmother, helplessly, urgently, further, thoughtfully, packing, managed, cupboard, fuss, peacefully, raised, trousers, dislike, delighted, fury, whistle, smoothly, sensible, forced, nonsense, underneath.