Great Britain flag icon  The Stockbroker’s Cleaning Woman

 Barry Rachin

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A cleaning lady was standing in front of the door. Her hair was grey, her skin was wrinkled and she looked about sixty years old. A vacuum cleaner and a trolley were nearby. The working day had already ended and she was about to clean. But the office was not empty yet. The brokerage house was still full of life and the tables were littered with papers. Allen examined the documents and frowned in displeasure. He had been working with investors for more than ten years. No one had suffered losses during this period. But this time the risk was very high. The cleaning lady was busy with her work. The man continued to ponder. Sometimes working with big money can be more difficult and stressful than any other one. Allen thought he would happily switch places with this elderly cleaning lady.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1315 Total words: 4356

Hard words: sounded, drifted, pushed, redirected, regurgitated, placating, promoted, lipped, shuffled, chocolaty, eared, slammed, tended, compounding, allen, discussed, vacuuming, retrieved, proved, surveying, irreverently, unappreciative, passed, littered, parsing, bringing, glowering, parenteral, chatterbox, plucked