Great Britain flag icon  The Story of Troy

 David Malue

18161    1576    121    113    28

Troy is one of the most famous ancient cities, thanks to the poem of Homer and the modern famous cinema. This city-fortress was standing on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The Trojan War, according to the "Iliad", started from the love of young Paris and beautiful Helen. The young man kidnaps her, which is an outrage. Helen is the wife of the king. Menelaus cannot forgive such a daring humiliation. So the siege is to begin soon. Still not everyone is eager to take part in this dangerous conflict. Odysseus tried to pretend to be crazy, but he failed. Along with the Greeks the glorified warrior Achilles comes. Unfortunately, even the great power of the army does not help to end the battle quickly. The bloody war lasts for many years.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1198 Total words: 8125

Hard words: queen, hector, armour, outnumbered, sulkily, shipbuilder, pentathlon, unloaded, lord, cornered, breastplate, horsehair, choking, bay, shipbuilding, spartan, homer, rolled, smashing, chariot, avenge, nectar, trojan, blacksmith, odyssey, judgement, lying, vulture, idiom, glaring, fright.