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Minx Mills is a unique place. People say that a few decades ago there were many similar places in the United States. Today, they can only be found by chance. Jesse McCord got into such a place. Boone Elliot repaired cars. People knew that he could fix any mechanism and came to him for this. One day he saw a stranger who asked if he was a musician. Boone loved when he was called just a musician, not a mechanic. The stranger introduced himself as Jesse McCord and he had something interesting. He pulled a violin case out of the trunk of the car. The mechanic's wife brought two glasses of tea and the men drank it. Then Jesse asked if Boone had heard about Stradivari. Boone said that he wanted to see a violin from Stradivari, if Jesse had it.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 546 Total words: 2181

Hard words: stradivarius, tuned, august, waltz, rolled, moustache, fiddle, grace, borrowing, peacefully, stuffed, farmhouse, thunder, bill, seventy, imitation, heated, violin, cough, mattress, suitcase, wool, loving, blond, cemetery, lightning, banker, stove.