Great Britain flag icon  The Things We Do for Love

 O. Henry

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Joe Larabee was famous in his hometown in Middle America, when he was a boy. He could paint very well in his childhood. At twenty, Joe went to study in New York. Delia Carruthers was from the South. When she was a girl, she played music wonderfully. At the age of eighteen her family sent Delia to New York for study. Joe and Delia met in New York. Two young people fell in love. Soon they got married and began to live in a small flat far from the centre. Joe studied painting. Delia studied music. They were happy. But one day they did not have any money. Their lessons were very expensive. Delia decided to give music lessons. Joe decided to sell some his pictures. They were happy to make money with their talents.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 321 Total words: 1161

Hard words: unluckily, tinkle, sold, played, fell, washed, studied, giving, excitedly, burnt, wanted, going, kindly, said, wonderfully, seventy, paid, sitting, saw, selling, beautifully, don, eighteen, downstairs, crying, laundry, boring, terribly, upstairs, fascinating