Great Britain flag icon  The Three Little Pigs

 John Bookworm

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This tale tells about three little pigs. The three little pigs live with their mother. But now they are big. So they can go and build their houses. The pigs are different. The first pig is lazy. He doesn't want to work. He builds a house of straw. It is enough for him. The pig only walks, sings and plays. The second piglet is not so lazy. He builds his house out of twigs. This house is stronger. Now the second pig dances and has fun. The third pig builds his house out of bricks. He works hard. He builds a very strong house. As a result, they have got their own houses. One day a hungry wolf is walking around where the pigs live. He smells these piglets. The wolf wants to eat them. The house of straw is the first on his way.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 215 Total words: 1323

Hard words: oink, gruffly, bye, huff, mum, mummy, fiddle, sly, chimney, puff, hay, splash, lazy, fireplace, clever, straw, happily, fascinating, wolf, barn, chin, pig, brick, hungry, chapter, exciting, net, smell, pot, roof