Great Britain flag icon  The Three Strangers

 Thomas Hardy

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South of England is a place with beautiful nature. The terrain there has not changed for hundreds of years, remaining still as beautiful. Only farmers live in these places. They keep and graze sheep. Also there are dozens of small wooden houses on these lands, where shepherds live. Fifty years ago there was not even a road. It was especially hard to get through when it was raining or snowing. One of the nights was particularly cold and wet. But inside of the house it was dry and warm. A big party was being held in the house - its owner invited close friends to have a drink. After all, the man recently had a new child in his family. About twenty people were sitting at the table. Young and older ones gathered there. Someone talked about love, someone recalled the old pleasant times.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 745 Total words: 4327

Hard words: stopping, pushed, wondering, sung, refused, clockmaker, liked, answered, grey, moved, passed, tidily, discovered, worked, lit, kept, stole, explained, held, stepped, worriedly, travelling, stealing, understood, turned, hangman, taken, fiddler, decided, dressed