Great Britain flag icon  The Thrill of the Hunt

 Darryl Matter

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After graduating from the police academy, Joan worked as a patrol. Later she started working as a detective. Now she works undercover. Joan sells weapons on the black market. At the same time, a mole appears in the police, which is trying to find out the identity of the secret agent and destroy it. Once Joan gets into a shootout where she manages to kill three gangsters. But she herself is on the verge of death. After recovering from a severe wound, the woman leaves the hospital. Now her main goal is to take revenge on the mysterious and powerful enemy who is trying to kill her. There are very few women working undercover in the police. It is considered to be exclusively such kind of work that is only for men. But Joan will not give up.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 4056 Total words: 75461

Hard words: rammed, contrasted, sleepyhead, engulfed, tapped, stopping, semiautomatic, tucked, sounded, escorted, reheated, impaled, positioned, pushed, fumbled, mistaking, loaned, guarding, loitering, redoubled, surrounded, wondering, shifted, derringer, promoted, styled, mortgaged, torched, crosshairs, blaming