Great Britain flag icon  The Truly Married Woman

 Abioseh Nicol

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If people live together for a long time - they begin to get used to each other. Spending time together, doing boring routine chores. Days become similar to each other. Bright events occur less and less. Ajayi and Ayo are the main characters of this book. They have lived together for twelve years. Ajayi wanted to marry a woman for a long time, but could not wait for the right moment. He liked such way of life, he felt comfort. One morning the man wakes up: he sits on the bed and looks at the small, cheap clock on the table. It is six in the morning and it is already light outside. The village is waking up, slowly preparing to open small shops. Women are already entering the market, talking loudly. Ajayi takes the usual cup of morning tea. The drink is without sugar and milk - everything, as he likes.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 777 Total words: 3098

Hard words: countrywoman, wetting, teaspoonful, bedcover, peaceably, crusading, soothsayer, bridegroom, hooray, cleverness, sugary, tightness, friendliness, corset, whisky, shyly, nuts, obedient, lying, expressed, alarmed, hurriedly, sadden, lovingly, silky, unborn, waking, iced, clothe, enthusiastically, tidy.