Great Britain flag icon  The Ugly Duckling

 Hans Andersen

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A duck sat on her eggs in the wood. She sat there for a long time. Finally the eggs opened and some ducklings appeared. But one egg remained. The mother duck sat down on it again. Soon this egg opened. A duckling appeared. But he was very big and ugly. This duckling was very strange. But he was her child. Once the mother duck went to the river with her children. The ducklings jumped into the water. The ugly duckling was with them. It swam well. The mother duck was surprised. She thought he was clever. Later the family went into the garden. There were many other ducks. They saw the ugly duckling. They did not like him. He was too big and strange. He was different. So there was no place for the ugly duckling in this garden.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 321 Total words: 2037

Hard words: liked, answered, shouted, quack, remembered, opened, duckling, unkind, fell, tried, purr, spoke, wanted, swan, going, kindly, called, said, hen, saw, loved, don, bored, sadly, haven, bang, clever, unhappy, fascinating, closed