Great Britain flag icon  The Verger

 Somerset Maugham

1807    92    34    0    9

Finally a christening took place. A verger named Albert Foreman finished his work just a few minutes ago. So he still remained in his ceremonial church gown. His formal attire looked so expensive and majestic, as if it were cast from metal and not made from wool and fabric. But Albert kept these clothes for the most important events: weddings and funerals. Now he is wearing a simpler and cheaper cassock. But in his ceremonial attire Albert feels important. When he takes it off and goes home, it always seems as if he is undressed and something is missing. The man likes everything about his work except a new and too active vicar. Once the vicar learns that Albert cannot read. This is a real threat to the career of the verger.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 625 Total words: 2700

Hard words: appy, awaited, tobacconist, liked, ironed, answered, faced, moved, struck, vestry, abstainer, discovered, reddened, lord, kept, disarming, turned, fulfilled, risen, considered, christening, taken, remembered, opened, vicar, saved, organist, wrapped, hung, stopped