Great Britain flag icon  The Withered Arm

 Thomas Hardy

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Sometimes strange things happen, and no one can explain or at least understand them. In the middle of the night the door opens. There is nobody behind it. An icy hand touches your neck, but you are alone in the room and there is hot summer on the street. You enter the house and realize that there are a lot of people there. You see no one, but you feel that they are standing in the darkness, listening and waiting for you. Rhoda works on a farm. She is tall, with bright dark eyes and long hair. The woman works many hours every day and gets quite little money. Gertrude is short, beautiful and sweet. She does not work at all. The owner of the farm is rich. He has many cows and a big beautiful house. Which of the two women is the wife of the farm owner?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 671 Total words: 8134

Hard words: yellowy, parents, liked, hanged, grey, moved, bringing, carried, milkmaid, worked, staring, held, shivering, worse, understood, turned, hangman, sold, unsmiling, remembered, brook, helped, pulled, opened, withered, uncovered, nearer, milking, needed, stopped