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 Margery Allingham

29605    565    226    142    8     16

Ronald Torbay is a killer. He committed his second murder. Ronald is a middle-aged man. He moved to a new place. Now he lives there with his third wife. Nobody knows who they are. It's a perfect place for a murder. His plan is simple: he uses a false name and goes at the weekend there where nobody knows him. Then he finds a middle-aged woman who has a lot of money. But she has neither family nor friends. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find such a lady nowadays. He offers her to marry him. The next step is to murder his wife and get her fortune. The murders look like accidents. Usually the murders happen in the bathroom. Ronald decided not to change his previous plan. Will everything go as smoothly as before? Ronald has never fallen in love with his victims.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 573 Total words: 2066

Hard words: forcing, policewoman, rose, fashioned, unattractive, cheaply,seaside, undres managed, cupboard, unnoticed, intended, heater, noticeable, aged, clearing, cheerful, fingerprint, blouse, unpleasant, sensible, forced, footstep, loudly, wildly