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 Hans Andersen

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One woman wanted a child. She decided to go to the old woman who knew magic. The old woman gave her a flower. She said to plant this flower in a small box and wait. The woman planted the flower. The next day another big flower appeared in the box. It was very beautiful. The woman kissed it. Suddenly the flower opened. There was a lovely little girl inside. But she was very small. The girl was not more than an inch tall. The woman decided to call her Thumbelina. Thumbelina continued to live in her flower on the woman's table. But one night something happened. A big toad came into the house. The toad saw Thumbelina. She wanted the little girl to marry her son. She took the flower with Thumbelina and ran away.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 322 Total words: 2398

Hard words: pushed, liked, moved, worked, caught, played, opened, stopped, ugh, croak, felt, toad, wanted, going, said, mole, cooler, saw, beetle, loved, singing, don, sadly, goodbye, clever, coming, happily, fascinating, magic, mouse