Great Britain flag icon  Time Machine

 H. G. Wells

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Story starts with the time traveler telling his friends he has invited to dinner that the mathematics he is about to explain is much different from the usual ideas. The book is written from one of the guests’ viewpoint. He goes on explaining that time is the fourth dimension. He uses the readings of a barometer over a period of time to show it is not measuring length, width, or depth. Next, the time traveler shows them a model of a time machine that took him two years to make. He claims that as soon as he presses the lever, the time machine will disappear into the future. He presses the lever shortly thereafter, and the machine does disappear…

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1713 Total words: 19902

Hard words: greynes circled, bush, colourful, starles unfreeze, prettines protecting, purposeles noiselessly, tempered, matchbox, strengthened, unwillingly, shakily, fireside, workroo lamplight