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 Rabley Stephen

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America is a land of opportunities where you can start all over again. It is 1800. Sam Tinker and his daughter Jenny arrive in New York. Sam is English. He dreams of his own farm. He has no money, no roof over his head and even no plans. But Sam manages to get a job on the farm of Jack Crane. Sam works in the field now. Jenny works in the kitchen with one Indian girl whose name is Blue Sky. The girls become friends. Blue Sky even shows her tribe to her friend. Jack Crane pays little. But he wants much work. It is impossible to save money on such work. There is a quarrel between the worker and the farm owner. Sam decides to leave. Jenny wants to see her friend's tribe and goes with Blue Sky. On the way she sees a boy who is drowning in the river. Jenny saves him. This is the son of the chief of the tribe. How can the leader thank?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 340 Total words: 1466

Hard words: stopping, arriving, putting, rose, shouting, leaving, giving, looking, jack, tinker, going, farmhouse, crane, sitting, eighty, happening, talking, smiling, don, haven, goodbye, downstairs, making, coming, unhappy, fascinating, cart, starting, walking, excuse