Great Britain flag icon  Tom Jones

 Henry Fielding

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Mr. Allworthy is a rich squire. He lives together with his sister Miss Bridget. One day an unknown baby boy is found in his house. Soon Mr. Allworthy manages to find the mother of the abandoned child. It is a poor woman from one village Jenny Jones. Jenny refuses to reveal the father’s identity. Still the mother repents her deed. The squire only sends her out of her native places and provides her with a better life. Mr. Allworthy lost his wife and children several years ago. He decides to take this boy and bring him up as his own son. The squire gives all his love to this baby. After some time, his sister Bridget gets married to Captain Blifil. Soon the couple is blessed with a son. The foundling Tom Jones is being raised with the young Blifil. Captain Blifil is a greedy and envious person. He fears that Mr. Allworthy’s fortune will pass to Tom. The captain hates the boy and tries to defame him in the eyes of his adoptive father.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1946 Total words: 24402

Hard words: appreciating, queen, tommy, gamekeeper, sickroom, jewellery, honour, lord, licence, banknote, forcing, incognito, disobedient, squeezing, delaying, neighbourhood, unfashionable, thundering, schoolmaster, birdsong, unsteadily, seaport, partridge, penniless, deciding, unfaithful, declared, landlady, dishonesty, deathbed.