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 Helen Brooke

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In 1897, something very strange happened in Aurora, Texas. Many children were playing in a field. Suddenly they saw an interesting object in the sky. It looked like a ship. This ship flew over them and crashed into a farm building. People ran to the crash. They found just one pilot there. He was dead. But he was not human. He was an alien. People put the alien under the ground. If the story is true, he is still there, somewhere under Aurora. Nowadays people say that they have seen UFOs. Some people say that they have seen aliens from these UFOs. Others are sure that they have travelled in UFOs and visited other planets. Official science ignores such stories. Are they true? Do aliens exist? Nobody knows.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 774 Total words: 4812

Hard words: stopping, pushed, allen, answered, grey, moved, worked, picked, aeroplane, described, explained, marcel, watching, crashed, turned, returned, newspaperman, taken, disappeared, remembered, decided, august, helped, played, seconds, opened, nearer, invited, stopped, wearing