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 James Vance Marshall

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The plane crashed in the wilderness. There were neither people nor buildings around. One could see nothing except small bushes and rocks. Only two young children survived this accident. The plane continued to burn but the girl managed to pull her little brother out of the plane and take him away from the fire. The children quickly ran through the bushes. After that they started climbing up the rocks. It was very long and tiring. Finally from the top of the nearest rock they looked at the fire. The brother asked the girl where they were. But the girl could not answer - she did not know. Only the Australian desert was visible. It was getting dark and cold. But there were still many kilometres ahead and dozens of difficult ordeals to overcome.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 693 Total words: 11802

Hard words: pushed, bustard, liked, answered, grey, moved, hurting, bush, carried, wallaby, worked, wombat, aeroplane, shouted, undressed, watching, koala, marsupial, crashed, understood, taught, turned, caught, remembered, helped, played, pulled, opened, nearer, stopped