Great Britain flag icon  Weep Not, Child

 James Ngugi

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This story took place in Kenya when it was a British colony. The colonial settlers took away Kenyan people's land. They also forced the Africans to work on the stolen land. They made many laws against African people. The K. A. U. – the Kenyan African Union – was formed by the black Kenyan leaders in 1944. But the British colonial rulers refused to recognize the leaders of the K. A. U. and did not allow them to have the right of vote and responsibility. The K. A. U. wanted to change the colonial government and the existing laws peacefully. They desired black people to have the equal rights with the whites. They just wanted the land to be returned to the black farmers. The K. A. U. wished black people to govern their own country themselves.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1157 Total words: 11748

Hard words: fined, blaming, castrated, garrison, gaining, raped, pincers, bewitched, aeroplane, lorry, skinned, staggered, calico, circumcision, rolled, madam, headmaster, schoolboy, betrayed, waning, tortured, tarmac, omen, softness, hush, whiteness, blindly, senseless, wasted, bruised, bloodshed.