Great Britain flag icon  What Happened at Seacliffe

 Denise Kirby

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The bus turned into a big car park and stopped. It arrived in Seacliffe. A girl took her large backpack and stood up. She thanked the driver and left the bus. The bus drove away immediately. The girl looked around. She was all alone. There were no people around. This car park was on the top of a cliff. There was an entrance to a cemetery near the girl. Some gravestones were old and broken. There was also an old church inside. The girl saw some white houses and one shop in the distance. It was twenty past eight. Light rain began. But the girl looked up and thought the weather was good. She went to the cemetery and began to read all names on the gravestones. The young traveler was looking for one definite name.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1280 Total words: 17087

Hard words: lumped, sounded, pushed, unfolded, parents, proved, liked, answered, grey, harbour, untied, moved, passed, cosy, staying, studying, mending, colourful, discovered, brushed, worked, lord, staring, rushed, picked, kept, stole, shouted, allowed, explained