Great Britain flag icon  When Summer Comes

 Helen Naylor

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Anna and Stephen have been married for ten years. Stephen has some problems at work but does not want to discuss them with his wife. Now it is summer and the spouses are getting ready to go on a vacation. They go to Polreath, a small village in the north-west coast of Cornwall. It is a beautiful and sunny place for resting. They stay at Dolphin Cottage. The man who rents it to them is named Tristan. He is young and handsome. He likes Anna. The woman is also attracted to him. She knows they have no future together. So Anna tries to suppress her feelings. One day Stephen invites Tristan to have dinner at Dolphin Cottage. He forgets to tell Anna about it and leaves for a sudden urgent meeting in London. Anna is surprised to see Tristan on her doorstep. Still she does not mind having dinner in his company.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1866 Total words: 28292

Hard words: recognised, pretending, dipped, sounded, pushed, northwards, quire, noticing, blamed, wondering, sleeved, refused, parents, unpacking, sorted, discussed, wishing, liked, answered, grey, harbour, untied, moved, passed, cheerio, dismissed, combed, staying, unsaid, carried