Great Britain flag icon  White Death

 Tim Vicary

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A mother from England arrived in one very hot country. She came to see her daughter arrested at the airport. During their meeting the mother learnt that her daughter was brought to the prison last week. The Police had found some drugs in her toothpaste. The daughter swore that it wasn’t her and she was innocent. The Police also had arrested one man with her. He was a good man and he wasn’t able to commit such a crime. But as mother discovered, her daughter’s previous boyfriend was on the plane during the arrest. Her daughter had gone to this country with him. Something happened two months ago and the girl found another guy. There was something very strange in this story and the mother would try to find the truth to save her child.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 468 Total words: 6145

Hard words: toothpaste, cheaply, handbag, eighty, heroin, loudly, goodbye, excite, policeman, upstairs, courtroom, detective, inspector, boyfriend, dear, girlfriend, dirty, innocent, clock, tube, stomach, round.