Great Britain flag icon  Why Didn't They Ask Evans

 Agatha Christie

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Why not Evans? For the first time this detective novel was published in 1934. Bobby and his fellow doctor are playing golf together. Bobby goes to the cliff to find the lost ball. From the top of the hill, he sees a man lying on the ground. The doctor runs for help, and Bobby is trying to provide first aid to the wounded man. The man dies, but before death, he says a mysterious phrase: "Why did not they ask Evans?" In his pocket, Bobby finds a photo of a beautiful woman. These are the only two keys to understand, who that late man was. Bobby and his friend Frankie are starting their own investigation. They are sure that this was a murder. Later they are attacked by unknown people. The young people understand that they were right.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2297 Total words: 23006

Hard words: untruthfully, postmistress, bounder, bullring, resisting, pretence, boringly, prospecting, inquiringly, cheque, marvellous, pumped, aeroplane, injected, analyzed, forwarding, glancing, witnessing, sanatorium, lessening, chipping, reversed, chloroform, encouragingly, barmaid, authoritatively, pocketknife.