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 R. J. Palacio

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This is a story about an ordinary boy named August. He has a family, a computer and a game console. He is a fifth grader who lives in new York and is home schooled. The boy has a serious illness, due to which his face is disfigured. This is the reason why he doesn't attend school and has little contact with peers. But the parents enroll the boy in a private school. They want him to learn the real world and make friends. It becomes a window to a completely new world for August. His first day at school is really hard hard as expected. Classmates mock August's appearance. He thinks about home schooling again. But this is only the beginning. The boy will discover much interesting and make new acquaintances.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 937 Total words: 13731

Hard words: pushed, parents, liked, answered, moved, passed, carried, discovered, worked, staring, kept, stole, zydeco, shouted, clapping, explained, held, touched, worse, understood, taught, turned, understudy, homeroom, remembered, august, helped, played, pulled, seconds