USA flag icon  Woodrow Wilson Tie

 Patricia Highsmith

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The Hall of Waxworks in the museum of Madame Thibault attracted people's attention. Such a place was very impressive for possessed Clive Wilkes. The building was made in the light colours. But it was dimly and creepy inside. The main themes in the hall were the murders and famous historical events. Once Clive decided to hide in the Hall of Waxworks. He got there at night. He managed to steal a tie from a well-known model of Woodrow Wilson. Next day he intended to repeat this procedure. During his amazing adventure, he went crazy and killed three museum workers. He told the truth to the police about his crimes. The police officers did not believe him. They thought the boy was making fools out of them. Clive decided to kill more people at the museum and draw a real attention to his person.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 611 Total words: 2637

Hard words: waxwork, pocketknife, employed, lifelike, choosing, frenchman, managed, cupboard, amusing, aged, luckily, troubling, madame, signing, fingerprint, wax, bored, cafe, unconsciou frighten, supper, fourteen, eighteen, hometown, murderer, nazi, grind, excite, seller